Are you using the same abrasive wheel for cutting and grinding?


Why you should never do this

It can be frustrating to switch wheels between cutting and grinding.  Sometimes, while working a tight corner or tight angle or a high-rise tower and other difficult sites, where changing wheels is a challenge, it may seem just too easy to tilt your angle grinder after a cut and begin to grind away the excess material to smoothen the cut, with the same cutting wheel.  Tempting as this may be, it is extremely hazardous to do so and can cause a serious accident.

To understand why this is hazardous, let’s look at both functions, cutting and grinding. These are two very different operations and require very different wheels specifically designed for that specific job, be it cutting OR grinding.

A cutting wheel is designed to cut at 90 degrees, while a grinding wheel works best at a 45-degree angle.

There are vast differences in the way these two types of wheels are manufactured as well.

Cutting wheels are thinner compared to grinding wheels and not designed to withstand side pressure, like when they are used for grinding. If you grind with the side faces of a cutting disk, this will thin the disk, overstress it, and potentially result in the wheel shattering. This can lead to a deadly accident, which isn’t something you want happening on your fabrication floor!

 On the other hand, grinding wheels are thicker, as they need to grind away material and so need to withstand side pressure. This added thickness makes it impractical to use for cutting jobs which require a much thinner wheel.  If an operator uses a grinding wheel while making a cut, they will need to cut a lot more material. This results in a lot of unnecessary wastage of time and frustration with slow and improper cuts.

So, is there a solution to address a combined cutting and grinding process especially for jobs where changing wheels is an issue?

What if we told you there was a wheel that combines both cutting and grinding functions?  The revolutionary TUFF DUAL FUNCTION wheel that does both cutting and grinding effectively and seamlessly.

Years of research and development have gone into designing the TUFF DUAL FUNCTION cutting and grinding wheel.

It is the ideal solution for working in tight corners with difficult angles and on stringer bead pipe joints or offshore pipelines.

For certain types of jobs like high rise towers, high roof structures, tunnels or other tricky situations, where changing wheels can be a challenge, the dual function wheel is a real boon.

Very competitively priced at just 10% more than a conventional cutting wheel, the TUFF DUAL FUNCTION cutting and grinding wheel handles your most complex jobs with ease, with no need for specialized equipment.

For this minimal added cost, the operator can instantly switch between cutting and grinding seamlessly and safely. With typical wheel changes taking 2-3 mins, think of all the TIME YOU SAVE, not having to change wheels and the safety risks you avoid. With TUFF’s innovative DUAL FUNCTION wheel, you can now have the best of both worlds, cutting and grinding in one innovative wheel!

Watch the TUFF dual function cutting and grinding wheel in action HERE..

Find out more about TUFF’s high performance European certified extensive range of cutting and grinding wheels HERE.

 TUFF is a global leader in industrial fabrication and safety equipment. Our world-class products are the industry gold standard and are being used every day across the globe and across industries to help build the future. Through our innovative solutions, we help our clients get their projects done on time, on budget and safely.

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